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Piccolo Trumpet

After so many posts on different trumpet techniques I realized that information about the auxiliary instruments is a bit scattered. In this post I aim to gather all of the relevant information on the piccolo trumpet in one easy to … Continue reading

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Microtones are available throughout the trumpet’s range. In this post I will focus on the production of quarter tones, as these have become firmly established in contemporary music, but other microtones can be produced using the techniques I describe below. … Continue reading

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Mutes (Part Three) – More Mutes!

In this third and final (for now!) part in my mini-series on mutes I will introduce several more types of mutes. There are certainly a few more than I list here, but these are the most common ones after the … Continue reading

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Introducing the Instruments

One of the great things about the trumpet is its many variations and manifestations. There is no such thing as “the” trumpet, rather a collection of related instruments with different tunings, modifications and mechanics that have evolved through time. Contemporary … Continue reading

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