More Resources

Brass in General

Modern Times for Brass by Paul Hübner and Malte Burba
This is a fantastic resource for players and performers alike. Hübner and Malte do a fantastic job of cataloging and explaining contemporary technique for all brass instruments.

The Microtonal Trumpet by Stephen Altoft is a deep dive on the microtonal possibilities on the trumpet. The related blog, The Microtonal Projects, explores microtones on other instruments as well.


The Techniques of Tuba Playing by Jack Adler-McKean
Tuba virtuoso (and personal friend of mine) Jack Adler-McKean compiled this collection of tuba techniques including over 250 music examples, diagrams and tables as well as around 100 recorded samples. He not only covers tubas in all availbale keys but also the euphonium, ophicleide and serpent. This is an excellent guide for composers and players alike!


Christine Chapman, horn player of Ensemble MusikFabrik in Cologne, hast a few videos up of short tutorials for a few horn techniques:
Split-Tones on Horn
Stopped Horn Glissandi
Double-Bell Horn


Heather Roche’s blog was a big inspiration for my blog. Heather goes into great detail on all aspects of contemporary technique including some seriously in depth looks at multiphonics. She also has a YouTube channel where she demonstrates many of the techniques found on her blog.


Helen Bledsoe, longtime member of Ensemble musikFabrik, also provides great resources for composers on her blog. Be sure and check out her handy PDF with advice and quidelines for composers writing for flute.


Ellen Fallowfield’s Cello Map is a different take on a composers guide. According to her page, “…This standpoint is a deliberate move away from providing performers and composers with catalogues of special effects and extended techniques. Instead, I would like to provide information about how the cello works that can serve the imagination of performers and composers.”


The harpist Gunnhildur Einarsdóttir put together a fantastic page describing harp basics, contemporary technique and notation. She includes helpful video demonstrations of many of the techniques she describes. Visit this amazing resource at!


Elaine Gould, rock star notation expert and Senior New Music Editor at Faber Music since 1987, put out a fantastic book in 2011 all about notation. Behind Bars: The Definitive Guide to Notation is a must have for anyone working with notation!

Neue Musik Leben

The podcast “Neue Musik Leben” is hosted by Irene Kurka, a soprano specializing in new music and an all around wonderful musician. She talks with cutting edge composers and singers about their work and life in the scene. Most episodes are in German but there is also a selection of episodes in english.