Welcome to The Modern Trumpet!

This blog is all about exploring contemporary trumpet technique. I hope it will inspire you to write some amazing music for the trumpet! Below you can see an overview of the content in this blog, as well as upcoming topics I will cover.

For those who would like some passive infotainment, I also started a YouTube Series with tutorial videos related to blog posts!

General KnowledgeStandard Technique
The Instruments
(High) Range
Performance Material
Flutter Tongue
Trills, Shakes and Tremolos
Extended Technique
Air Sounds
Doodle Tongue and Growl
Pedal Tones
Slaps and Percussive Sounds
Whisper Tones
AccessoriesAuxiliary Instruments
Bassoon Reed
Balloons and Whacky Whistles
The Whisper Penny
Double-Bell Trumpet
Piccolo Trumpet

Research for this blog was made possible by a generous scholarship from the Berlin Senate.

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